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Holdings in Company

NOTIFICATION OF MAJOR HOLDINGS (to be sent to the relevant issuer and to the FCA in Microsoft Word format if possible) i
1a. Identity of the issuer or the underlying issuer of existing shares to which voting rights are attached ii: IMAGE SCAN HOLDINGS PLC
1b. Please indicate if the issuer is a non-UK issuer  (please mark with an “X” if appropriate)
Non-UK issuer
2. Reason for the notification (please mark the appropriate box or boxes with an “X”)
An acquisition or disposal of voting rights X
An acquisition or disposal of financial instruments
An event changing the breakdown of voting rights
Other (please specify) iii:
3. Details of person subject to the notification obligation iv
City and country of registered office (if applicable)
4. Full name of shareholder(s) (if different from 3.) v
City and country of registered office (if applicable)
5. Date on which the threshold was crossed or reached vi: 19th January 2024
6. Date on which issuer notified (DD/MM/YYYY): 26th January 2024
7. Total positions of person(s) subject to the notification obligation
% of voting rights attached to shares (total of 8. A) % of voting rights through financial instruments
(total of 8.B 1 + 8.B 2)
Total of both in % (8.A + 8.B) Total number of voting rights held in issuer (8.A + 8.B) vii
Resulting situation on the date on which threshold was crossed or reached 9.08% 9.08% 9.08% 12,435,585
Position of previous notification (if


14.08% 14.08% 14.08%%